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Welcome to our Ministries Page! Find out what interests you and we look forward to you sharing your gifts.

Youth Department

The youth department of Kingdom Life Ministries is administering programs that keep the youth active while ministering to them and teaching them Christian values, self-esteem, honesty, integrity, and a deep and abiding faith in GOD as a means to living productive, healthy, meaningful and godly lifestyles.

Marriage Preparation

1. We mentor those that are already married whether you have been married for 1 day or 100 years.

2. We help those that want to be married and are either engaged or thinking about getting engaged.

New Members Ministry

We know it's a little awkward to be in a new church and not really know anybody. But you are not alone! This ministry helps ease that process.

Women's Ministry

Join us for our monthly Women's Fellowships where we discuss topics pertaining to women and study God's direction from the Bible. There will be laughing, crying and loving and learning.  Also, every 5th Sunday is Women's Day at Kingdom Life.  

Men's Ministry

Iron Sharpens Iron! Join our Men's Ministry to learn and grow in Fellowship of God's Word!

Join us as we make a joyful noise unto the Lord!

Music Ministry
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